Declawing Alternatives

Declawing Alternatives & Counseling at Anderson Feline Veterinary

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Our veterinarian near San Diego offers non-surgical options for kittens and cats. 

There are many stages of growth in a feline, and a variety of recommended procedures and types of care to keep them at peak health. Our feline-only veterinarians are focused on all the aspects required to properly care for your cat. 

Declawing has been a common procedure that may not be essential for the well-being of your cat. Know that there are other options available to pet owners. Our veterinarians and staff at Anderson Feline Veterinary are available to provide guidance for all of your feline’s needs.

What Are Some Declawing Alternatives?

In the past, declawing was a prevalent elective procedure. It is not encouraged by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). In the majority of instances, declawing is not medically necessary. A consultation with one of our veterinarians can help you determine whether declawing or another procedure will be best.

It is natural for cats to want to scratch. However, unaddressed scratching can become destructive or lead to injury. While declawing or onychectomy, a surgical amputation, may be required, other options may better suit the needs of cats and their owners. 

Cat owners may find it a welcome surprise that it is possible for a cat to be trained to scratch more appropriate surfaces. Consider a management option that may redirect scratching. You may also want to schedule frequent nail trims or use nail caps as part of the suggested alternatives.

What Are the Benefits Associated with Other Options?

Pet owners who decide to choose a management program including behavior training can find it a permanent solution for excessive scratching. Kittens and cats are often successfully redirected in their scratching behavior without the need for a surgical solution. Our highly-trained veterinarian Dr. Anderson is available to discuss behavioral and training issues, providing non-surgical alternatives when appropriate.

When to Consider Counseling

Declawing is a permanent surgery for what may be an easily correctable problem. Counseling can be a practical way to learn of the other options which may provide relief from excessive scratching. Our veterinarians at our feline-only practice can answer any questions or concerns that you may have about behavior management, surgical and non-surgical alternatives to undesirable scratching.

Interested in learning more? Feel free to complete the required forms in the comfort of your home or at our well-appointed reception area. Our feline-only practice offers an environment that often reduces the stress of cats who may be coming in for an initial exam, an emergency visit or one of our many other services.

Declawing Options or Counseling from Our Vets near San Diego

Every kitten deserves the chance to grow into a healthy, active adult. New pet owners are welcome to learn about the specialized veterinary care and behavioral training that is available at Anderson Feline Veterinary in San Diego. Understand more about the behaviors common to felines and how training may help with issues like excessive scratching. 

Services at Anderson Feline Veterinary include:

  • declawing alternatives 
  • examinations
  • vaccinations
  • spaying and neutering
  • wellness exams
  • and emergency care

Dr. Anderson and staff care about the health of your cat. Contact Anderson Feline Veterinary at 800-462-8749 to schedule an appointment to explore declawing alternatives today.



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